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Triple my tally on the Ben Lui foursome

I'm quickly adding some notches to the old Munro tally now! I joked about doubling or tripling my tally last week but I really fancied doing these four the more I looked into it. Initially I was going to do just Ben Lui…


Double my tally on Ben Vane

Having done my first Munro in April, I eventually got round to doing my second today. Chose the smallest of all the Munros thinking it would be fairly easy but this Ben Vane is a steep wee hill. Unfortunately, just like the last two weeks I've been out, there was a lot of low cloud…


A dreich day on Fhidhleir

I noticed this awesome looking ridge a lot recently in the background of some of the other walks I'd done in the area and thought it looked worth a punt. Not many reports on here for it so I was worried it might not have been worth the effort but turns out it was…