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From bogs to Brocken spectres

Beinn an Lochain was one of my very first hillwalks and to this day is still one of my favourites. That might be a little surprising for someone obsessed with bagging Munros as this little hill is just shy of that honour but it doesn't make it any less enjoyable…


Double my tally on Ben Vane

Having done my first Munro in April, I eventually got round to doing my second today. Chose the smallest of all the Munros thinking it would be fairly easy but this Ben Vane is a steep wee hill. Unfortunately, just like the last two weeks I've been out, there was a lot of low cloud…


A dreich day on Fhidhleir

I noticed this awesome looking ridge a lot recently in the background of some of the other walks I'd done in the area and thought it looked worth a punt. Not many reports on here for it so I was worried it might not have been worth the effort but turns out it was…


Ben Donich – Ease myself back in

It took about 6 weeks but I eventually managed to get back on the hills last weekend with Magz n Gaz after my nasty knee injury. Still sore but just couldn't wait any longer, was desperate to get out there and I'm glad I did! Ben Donich was the hill of choice this time…


Beinn Narnain – First Munro!

So I conquered my first Munro this week which should have been a joyful experience but turned out the complete opposite! A disaster to say the least. Two days before, I was up the Kilpatrick Hills doing some mountain biking and basically wrecked my bad knee when landing a jump…


First hillwalk – Beinn Dubh

I've been wanting to get into hillwalking for a good while now and eventually started this week. Asked around and looked on the internet for an easy first one and decided on Beinn Dubh. From the bottom it looked pretty easy but considering I’ve been out with injuries…